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Professional Liability

The Environmental Consultants Liability (ECL) Program combines occurrence based Commercial General Liability and Contractors Pollution Liability with claims made Professional Liability into one insurance policy sharing common policy limits of liability. The ECL policy is usually less expensive than purchasing separate policies to insure these same loss exposures. Package policies have superior claims handling attributes than purchasing separate policies.
Policy Highlights:

Combined Occurrence Form General and Pollution Liability with a Claims Made Professional Liability Coverage Part. Or: Professional Liability with Optional Pollution (if insured has separate CGL coverage), Nose Coverage and Prior Acts Available.
Defense costs can be in addition to or included in policy limits, and First Dollar Defense is an Option.

Example of Eligible Classes:

• Air Monitoring Firms
• Analytical Laboratories
• Asbestos Consultants & Labs
• Environmental Consultants
• Environmental Engineers
• Environmental Laboratories
• Industrial Hygiene Firms
• Lead Consultants
• Mold Consultants
• Toxicologists
• Training Institutes
• UST Consultants
• UST Testing Firms
• Waste Brokers
• And Many More!!

Standard Limits:

Base limits up to $1,000,000 per occurrence with a $1,000,000 policy aggregate are available (lower limits also available).
Limits up to $25,000,000 are available.

Minimum Premium:

Starting at $2,500

Submission Requirements:

Contractors and Consultants Application, qualifications, brochures and current financial statement. Indications are usually available upon receipt and review of other companies' completed submissions.

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