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What is geotechnical engineering?

Geotechnical engineering is the application of the sciences of soil and rock mechanics, engineering geology and other related disciplines to civil engineering design and construction, and to the preservation and enhancement of the environment.
Geotechnical engineering plays a key role in all civil engineering projects, since all construction is built on or in the ground.

Feasibility studies – design comprehensive feasibility studies, which, combined with in-depth financial analysis, ensure a project’s technical, economic and commercial viability and ensure the best application for our detailed design and engineering services in every sector in which we operate.

Front-End Engineering and Design - Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) are used across all the sectors and industries in which we work, for example, in our work on oil and gas platforms, oil sands and on diamond mining projects in Canada. These enable us to introduce new technologies, identify cost-savings and mitigate potential risks at the earliest stage of a project’s development.

Engineering - provide a full range of engineering services, including civil and structural engineering, on a global basis and across all our market sectors. This means that we can manage major infrastructure projects, not only in the oil and gas sector, but also for clients in industries as diverse as transport and nuclear power.

Environmental services - also supply specialist environmental services, including geotechnical and water resource services, environmental impact assessments, environmental planning, permitting assistance and regulatory guidance.

Geotechnical engineering consultation and design services to the construction industry, including:

• Pre-purchase due diligence assessments,
• Site preparation recommendations,
• Ground improvement and stabilization remedial measures,
• Foundation design recommendations,
• Pavement design recommendations,
• Geo-synthetic design for structures and roadways,
• Forensic Investigations and litigation support,
• Geo-synthetic design for structures and roadways,
• Reinforced and mechanically stabilized slopes, and
• Design of reinforced earth segmental retaining walls.

Construction Materials Engineering Services and testing services to the construction industry including

• Contract document preparation,
• Construction Value-Engineering,
• Construction observation,
• Soil nail and tieback load verification testing,
• Micro-pile and conventional pile load testing, and
• Quality Assurance / Quality Control testing

Site Investigation Services full range of subsurface exploration capabilities, including:

• Mobile drill rig & portable “Minuteman” borings
• Undisturbed and bulk sampling with SPT testing
• Quasi-static (CPT) and dynamic (HPT) cone testing
• Piezo-meter and monitoring well installation, and Ground Penetrating Radar

Laboratory Testing Services and construction materials testing laboratory services including:

• Unconfined and tri-axial strength testing
• Shear strength testing and
• Consolidation settlement testing
• Classification Testing
• Moisture-density relationship testing
• Permeability and hydraulic conductivity testing
• Concrete Testing
• Aggregate Testing
• Asphalt and Bituminous Concrete Testing

Geotechnical Forensic Engineering:

Forensic engineering assessment, consultation, and litigation support services on failed geotechnical systems. In-house field investigation and laboratory testing facilities along with out-sourced third party confirmation testing to develop reliable and irrefutable findings. State-of-the-art modeling and presentation capabilities facilitate clear, concise and understandable presentation of the facts.

The following are geotechnical systems examples:

• Embankment failures,
• Floor slab failures,
• Rigid and flexible pavement failures,
• Segmental retaining wall failures,
• Shallow and deep foundation failures,
• Subsurface drainage system failures, and
• Specification compliance failures.

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