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Property Owners have become increasingly aware of the need for protection for their exposure created by limits, or total exclusions, on their standard Property Liability policies in regard to the release of environmental pollutants. To address this need, Legends Insurance offers owners the Site Liability Environmental Exposures Policy (SLEEP).
The SLEEP program basically offers the property owner coverage for on-site cleanup when a pollutant is released, plus cleanup of adjacent sites, provided that these adjacent sites received their pollution as a result of migration from the insured's property. The program also offers third party bodily injure and property damage, plus legal defense cost to the property owner.

Coverage Highlights: This policy allows for different combinations of specific coverage's.

Coverage A: provides on-site clean-up for a pollution incident that originated from either the insured sites or adjacent sites during the policy period. A $10,000 sub-limit for cleanup of damage caused by leaky underground storage tanks, is included, plus additional tank coverage is available at discounted standard rates.

Coverage B: is for off-site cleanup cost caused by a pollution incident from current site operations that migrates from an insured location to adjacent sites.

Coverage C: is for third party bodily injury and property damage (including Cov. B) and defense cost.

Coverage's D, E and F: These three coverage's are directly, and respectively, related to A, B and C above and they cover historical pollution incidents that was not know at the inception of the policy. The A, B and C coverage's would naturally be a prerequisite for these three coverage's and an inspection would normally be required. Give us a call to talk about inspection cost.

Key Points of Property Owner's Coverage:

• Coverage is flexible and easy to adapt to a wide variety of possible exposures
• A simplified application
• Quick response on your request for quote
• Very competitive premiums

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